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Our number 1 focus at Hite has been to grow in a stable and scalable way!


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Looking to Scale & Grow?

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About JC.

Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Jesus Lover I am the commitment of becoming a leader worthy of leadership. My short-term goal is to create 1,000 jobs under Hite empowering its team members to live life to the fullest.


Lost It All by 23

At 23, I had over 40 houses doing REI & spent a year of my life loosing it all.


Found Happiness

My goal is to live a balanced life working focusing on my 4 pillars of Faith, Family, Health & Impactful Business.


in 4 years to 150+ team members and 19 locations.

My 4 Favorite Chapters…


Want to know the biggest lever when it comes to growth? Hint: It’s not about the product as much as you might think. We are emotional human beings and in this chapter, we dig in on how to leverage service to scale.


1,000’s of clients and hardly any money spent on Facebook Ads or Automation. In this chapter, I’ll show you the exact recipe on how Hite has become one of the fastest-growing agencies in the US.


No matter how amazing you are at sales & product, if you don’t manage your money correctly, your business is a failure waiting to happen. In this chapter, we discover how Hite got through all of 2020 without firing one person or cutting one salary.


There are so many shiny objects out there. In this chapter, I’ll list every tool we use and how we use it along with some that are amazing we don’t use. It amazing me how much time and money we spend on tools, we actually don’t need at all.

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What entrepreneurs says about our work.

Since working with JC and his team I have been able to double my revenue in just a year. I found a reliable team, a trustworthy partner, and was able to achieve growth while having a work/life balance.

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Tatiana Chamorro

Owner/Partner Dallas Franchise

After merging with Hite Digital, I was able to grow 400% year over year, and grow our service offerings. With the support of the team, I’m now able to truly run the business and focus on revenue-generating activities.

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Adam McChesney

Owner/Partner St. Louis Franchise

JC and his team have helped our company more than double in revenue over the past 12 months. His knowledge of agency finance and scalability is what I needed to set my business up for success in the long run.

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Blake Snodgrass

Owner/Partner Austin Franchise

Working with JC has changed the way I think about running a business and it has changed everything for me. Meeting him was a massive turning point in my life and I’m incredibly grateful.

Testimonial Item

Brad Akers

Owner/Partner Houston Franchise