Proven strategies that work.

Looking for a Dynamic Speaker?

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Some of Jc’s Favorite Topics

Jc’s topics include more than just business talk, he dives into building culture, scalability, faith, and how to manage complexity. 

Building an Amazing Culture

Building Teams

Tactical Steps To Scalability

Faith & Business

15 years

of Experience

Let's Connect!

More Than Just A Speaker

JC shares his proven strategies, and secret techniques of scalability, while touching on subjects like faith, values, and culture. 

Building A Culture

Organizational cultures can sometimes become complex, especially as company scales. Learn some of JC’s secrets to scaling and retaining the right culture.

Knowledge For All

JC’s passion begins with people. He is motivated by creating an impact and sharing his challenges and strategies with others. 

Real Talk

A SPEAKER that has actually been there…

If you’re looking for a speaker that talks from experience, JC is your guy. His entire work has not only been about scalability but doing it the right way.

“We know we’re heading to the top, what I care about most is who we are when we get there.” – JC

Scalability, Sales, Service, Operations, Systems, Culture, Faith & Family… These all integrate with each other to form 1 large complex environment.


Talks Given

Youtube Appearances

Best Selling Book

About JC.

Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Jesus Lover I am the commitment of becoming a leader worthy of leadership. My short-term goal is to create 1,000 jobs under Hite empowering its team members to live life to the fullest.


Scaled a business

in 4 years to 150+ team members and 16 locations.


Family Man

Wife of 9 years + 2 children



Building an organization that empowers what really matters.

Looking to Scale & Grow?

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Entrepreneurs and their journey.

We interview entrepreneurs who have scaled and grown, check it out!

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