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JC Hite

My Story

Early Years

Family, Faith, and Finance

I grew up in Searcy, Arkansas, and though my family life wasn’t perfect, it taught me to overcome from an early age. My family had several Hite companies, including real estate, and they taught me the value of hard work early on, while also raising me with a love of Christ.

When I was 14, I would go to the housing section of the paper and analyze the different properties. One day, my grandfather took me to go look at one of the houses and he asked me if we should buy it. When I said yes, he took me to the bank, and I signed “loan papers.” Suddenly, at 15, I had my first house. I paid the bills and I took care of it. Instead of my family giving me something, they showed me how I could get it myself and taught me how to run a real estate company.

A Missions Mindset

Trip to Africa

For a while, I was really interested in becoming a missionary. I did a missions trip to Africa and really enjoyed every aspect: living abroad, working with people, TALKING to them, and of course sharing my faith. But this is where I found it wasn’t meant for me. There was something about fundraising and depending on others to give me money that I just couldn’t live with. My time in Africa led to the idea of business as missions.

Virtual Lingos

Wins and Losses

In 2014, I traveled throughout Central America and ended up co-founding Virtual Lingos, an e-learning platform for people learning English. This experience was a huge failure/win: being honest with myself, we were always strapped for money, barely living off my real estate company. Even though we had thousands of users and a partnership with IBM, it was incredibly hard. However, I learned a ton about patience and value, creating an offer, and just surviving as an entrepreneur.

Marriage, and Bankruptcy

Nearly Bankruptcy

Ending up with my wife Karen was pretty simple: I met a girl that was way out of my league and tricked her into marrying me. She was from Nicaragua, so we started splitting our time between the US and Nicaragua.

However, one of the toughest periods of my life just so happened to be our first year of marriage. We spent a year slowly losing everything we owned. We were able to escape bankruptcy, but just barely. Going through this so early in my marriage to Karen set the foundation for our relationship, and it’s been uphill ever since.

Starting in

Digital Marketing

In 2016, I began working in client services at a top PPC agency in Nicaragua, eventually as a manager. The company was growing incredibly fast and I met many talented people there. However, the company culture was more focused on making money than anything else, and I knew I didn’t belong there. I wanted to create something different. I left my six-figure salary and stability and started Hite Digital.

New Beginnings

2018 Was a Time Of Crazy Change

Not only did Hite Digital launch, with me and one employee in a spare bedroom in my house, but my wife gave birth to our first child, Olivia. Though both experiences were new and sometimes uncertain, they turned out to be the biggest blessings in my life. Hite grew from 2 people to 5, to 20, and that year we took our whole team to a Caribbean getaway to celebrate.


Franchise Model

Hite Digital continued to grow, and in 2021 we launched a new model: franchises. We kicked off with 5 franchises throughout the United States and started adding a new one almost every month. Meanwhile, my families were growing as well: Hite Digital now had 100+ team members, and my wife and I welcomed our second child, Sebastian, in March.

“I am the commitment to becoming the leader worthy of leading 1,000 people.”

JC Hite
Founder and CEO at Hite Digital

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